Writers Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in submitting to Valley Voice magazine!

Valley Voice magazine welcomes all submissions that are related to activities within the Cowichan Valley
or material that is of interest to Cowichan Valley readers. We strive to make every issue relevant, fun and

Mandate: All Valley Voice articles must have elements of teaching and sharing. Please be sure you pay
close attention to whether or not your article idea encompasses these 2 very important elements for our

Business owners are welcome to talk about a special aspect of the business or service; however please
refrain from using your business name in your article until the end or in your author tagline.

Topics must be relevant to the present. As there are many events taking place each month in the Valley,
we have a guideline to not report on events that have taken place in the past (Aw shucks I missed that?
How frustrating to be reading about it now…) or events taking place more than a month in the future.
Editorial exceptions can sometimes be made for events taking place within the first 3 days of the next
month. If you have an idea for a feature article please send us a query e-mail with your topic(s).
Please do not send full articles.

Wordcount: Short and Sweet – 250 – 400 words

All Articles in the magazine fall under 400 words. If you need a few extra words try sending it earlier than
the deadline. There is often extra space for slightly longer pieces if we receive it earlier than everyone

Images to accompany your article are important as a picture tells a thousand words.
Image Resolution: All images must be 200-300 dpi only.

Images taken from the web (72 dpi) are not good enough quality for print. If you do not have an image
please send us some image ideas and we will see if we have something from our photo stock.

Deadlines: Submissions must be received by the 12th day of the preceding month.

If you are going to be late please let us know as soon as possible, there are always writers waiting with
ready submissions each month.

Author Byline: Please include a headshot image of yourself and a 5-12 word author bio with your first

*We reserve the right to publish, exclude content or edit all submissions for space, clarity and style.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Sheila and Richard Badman
Cowichan Valley Voice Magazine