Why Organic Gardening Will Save The World


Image Cara Bjornson

Why Organic Gardening Will Save The World
Image Cara Bjornson
I believe that changing the world starts with changing ourselves and the changes to ourselves cannot happen without realizing the reality of this world is not just physical. That’s where gardening comes in. It reminds us that there is more to this planet than what meets the eye. There is an invisible realm in nature – and in ourselves. As we engage in nature, we learn about ourselves and I believe, reawaken to a sense of purpose.
How humanity will evolve depends on the actions and choices and intentions of each of us.  Gary Zukav says this: If you choose unconsciously, you evolve unconsciously. If you choose consciously, you evolve consciously. Our lives and our relationships are the working ground for the evolution of ourselves and humanity.
To garden is to engage in an activity that makes us more conscious. More conscious of our interconnectedness and the effects of our thoughts and actions.  Naive as it might seem, I think it’s the return to growing our own food that will restore our sanity and save the world. Here’s how:
1) It reduces your reliance on food from the grocery store and you stop purchasing factory food that is put on the market by mega chemical and pharmaceutical corporations.
2) It gets you out from behind the computer or cell phone or TV set and gets you out in nature. The second your hands hit the dirt you start downloading common sense. Instead of shopping for clothes and items that give us temporary satisfaction, you are out at the local gardening stores buying seeds and food plants. It’s our disconnect with nature and the outdoors that has led to such poor choices about our food and the way we live.
3) You start to “wake-up” to higher truths and the secrets of creation as you witness the forces of nature at work and witness the unbelievable wisdom, the magnificent hues, the sacred geometry and the symphony of color, shape, texture and form that greets us in our gardens.
4) You become more sensitive and start to comprehend your role as a collaborator with nature and a partner to all kinds of invisible forces. The earth starts to speak to you. You start to notice that there is interconnectedness to absolutely everything. You get filled with gratitude for a rain shower in the heat of summer and for the bees pollinating all your flowers. You dance with joy when the seeds you planted turn to food! You are delighted by the taste of freshly picked berries and you are brought to tears by the chitter chatter of happy birds when they find the abundance of flower seeds you have grown for them.   Especially sunflowers.
5) You discover what is meant by reverence. It’s not about something you are taught to have in a church so you can go to heaven one day. It’s this deep sense of awe when you ponder on the hidden life forces lying dormant in seeds, the warming elements of the sun, the rhythmical forces of the moon and the gracious forgiving nature of Mother Earth herself.
6) You feel happy and hopeful.   When you garden you gain objectivity and you gain a better perspective. Your problems start to seem small and they are replaced by a growing sense of passion and purpose.
Nicolette Genier, long time advocate for the community and planet earth, continues to visualize and manifest new ways of serving humanity through education, conversation, optimism and “doing the good”. She is honored to serve the community from her many stations in life including business owner, mother and “Oma”. Nicolette is the “soul” owner of The Community Farm Store, The Sol Centre and The Freya-Sophia Waldorf Store and Steiner Bookshop in Duncan.