When Was The Last Time You Tried Something New?


It’s a new year, 2018. Even in the slowly lengthening days of our Cowichan Valley winter, newness abounds. January is quiet, but February will bring fresh flowers – snowdrops and crocuses, and other signs of new life. People are part of nature. How are we going to renew ourselves this year?

Do you sometimes find that you are living the “same old, same old”? Even if you are traveling, are you doing it the same old way? Seeing new places and people, but seeing them with old lenses and attitudes?


The key to newness is curiosity. What would it be like if I … learned a new skill? Learned to jump rope, if you have never done it before? Learned to embroider or do cross-stitch? Learned to paint with water colours? In the Cowichan Valley, many people are good at learning to ski or to kayak. But when was the last time you picked up and learned to play a musical instrument?

I can hear some of the doubters now: “I could never do that” (whatever it is). How long have you blocked yourself from doing something that you would really like to do? What obstacles are in your way? Was it a parent or teacher or a peer who told you that you would never be able to do something? And, unfortunately, you believed them, being under emotional pressure. “Well, I don’t care anyway” might have been your response.

Maybe you simply weren’t given enough movement opportunities as an infant to acquire basic abilities and confidence in moving your body.

The Emotion Code

Whatever it is that is holding you back, there is a way forward without having to re-live the pain of the first limiting experiences. The work of Dr. Bradley Nelson in the book, The Emotion Code, brings a simple and effective way to clear any obstacles that have been in your way.


It will take some courage, of course, but I am sure that you have it. In 2018, try something new.

David Yaeger is a certified Emotion Code practitioner. He moved to the Cowichan Valley in 2013.