What’s Hiding In Your Tool Shed?


While some parts of the country are just waking from their Winter slumber, here on the coast we’ve been in full on Spring mode for a couple of months now. With Spring, of course, comes gardening, lawn care, and a host of home maintenance projects. Spring cleaning at it’s finest!

For a lot of us that means venturing into the graveyard of the backyard, where tools go to die … the tool shed.

What started as a convenient place to store our stuff has since turned into hard to navigate junk heap. At times, it’s tempting just to bulldoze the whole thing and bury it where it lays…or maybe that’s just me…

At any rate, before you do anything drastic, you should know that much of what is lurking in there is actually recyclable! Here’s a quick checklist to help you this Spring.

Plastic Plant Pots And Seedling Trays: Clean items can now be picked up with curbside recycling in many areas. Check with your service provider.

Power Tools: Including hand-held power saws, table/mitre saws, power drills, soldering tools, power sanders, welding tools, grinders and lots more. These are accepted for free at Island Return It locations in Duncan, Sidney, Campbell River, and Esquimalt. Tools must be powered by electricity or batteries.

Paint: Interior/exterior paints, textured paints, wood finishing oils, aerosol paints, empty paint containers, and more. Accepted for free at our Duncan, Sidney and Campbell River locations. Note: paints must be in original containers and not be leaky.

Flammable Liquids: Gasoline, paint thinner/stripper are accepted for free at our Duncan and Campbell River locations.

Note: gasoline must be in a ULC approved container which will not be returned to you; all other products must be in original containers and have a flammable symbol or warning. Propane, butane, and diesel fuels are not accepted.

Outdoor Power Equipment: Gas/electric lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, tillers, pressure washers, wood splitters, leaf blowers, wood chippers, and more. Accepted free at our Duncan, Sidney, and Campbell River locations. Note: only equipment that is powered (gas or electric) is accepted. Gas powered equipment must be drained of fuel and oil, fuel can be disposed of as outlined above, and used oil can be disposed of at many automotive shops and municipal recycling locations.

Not only will you have a usable shed again, but you’ll be doing your part to make sure that none of this equipment and products end up in landfills. Time to get back to work now, those weeds aren’t going to pick themselves.

To find your location, visit our website: islandreturnit.com


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