The Return To Routine


If all that planning, shopping and attending holiday functions has left you feeling a little behind the eight-ball with regular life, make time this January to tie up any loose ends you may have.

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes us yearn for a clean slate and although it may not be as fun as shopping for glamorous party clothes, putting things like your car, finances and computer files in order provides a sense of satisfaction that lasts longer than the sparkle of the holidays. Even something simple like giving some attention to your pets helps you feel grounded and provides a sense of satisfaction. Check out the following two pages for a profile on a downtown dog groomer and some helpful advice from a local computer shop.

An always-important item on the to-do list is vehicle maintenance – especially this time of year with winter weather conditions playing their part. Whether it’s a windshield chip that needs repaired, a tune-up, some detailing or new tires you need – Downtown Duncan offers several choices including H&M Brake, Joe’s Tire Hospital, Young’s Auto Detailing and Dobson’s Glass. Each of these long-time downtown businesses is here to help you take care of your automotive business.

Downtown is home to dozens and dozens of helpful services – many have less visible locations than our retail shops, but it’s worth taking the time to find them, whether they are tucked in behind street front windows or are on the second story of one of our many distinct buildings. Stop by the Duncan BIA office at 203-111 Station Street for our brochure that lists the over 130 professional services & non-profits located downtown. Over 130! And all conveniently located within a walkable few square blocks – that friends, is the beauty of small community living.

You can visit the dentist

(if it’s been awhile),

you can browse through the options of brand new floor tile.

Stop that drip on your faucet (it’s a real easy fix),

and learn how to operate your new IPhone 6.

You can go see the doctor about that weird rash

or learn how to invest that large wad of cash.

You can buy a house, sell a house or choose some new glasses, have your tires rotated and take some art classes.

Get a tattoo or fill your prescription,

learn about files and the need for encryption.

Have your eyes tested and finish your will,

take in your mending or pay off a bill.

For all of those tasks that you may need to do

our friendly downtown folk are here to help you.

So park your car once and stop driving around –

just one place to go and that is Downtown!


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