Talking Arts – Taryn O’Gorman


A self-described aesthetic hedonist, Taryn O’Gorman pursues beauty in many forms beginning in arts at Camosun College. Taryn continued the art path and went on to further her skills at the Kootenay School of Arts in the Jewelry and Small Object Design program.  She then immersed herself in Billy King’s school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It was in Mexico that she was urged to push herself to create pieces that tested her boundaries and forced her out of her comfort zone.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco

“Since I was just a kid, I had always loved both Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Not only for the design inspiration but also for the sentiment behind those movements… The fact? that art became part of the everyday vernacular. All? daily life objects were created to be beautiful as well as functional. I had been sewing hats, clothing and custom textiles for a few years. As well as beadwork and simply crafted adornments. I began to work in the theatre; costumes and props… Trying to find ways of creating, not just sewing.”

No Looking Back

Her career as a jeweler began with a heavy box of well-loved jewelers tools which had been given to her to inspire. “I carried this box around with me for years, every move, every new home, every new town… I was finally motivated to break the tools out when I wanted to create interesting custom closures and adornments for the goods I was sewing. When I figured that it was possible to manipulate the metal like I could fabric, I was hooked. No looking back!”

Taryn mostly works in sterling silver, but often accents with copper “for the richness and the contrast against the silver” she also adds precious and semi-precious stones which feature strongly in her pieces. She also has experimented with found materials, antique buttons, industrial mementos, old medals, cutlery. If it is beautiful she will work with it.


“Jewelry serves the purpose of ceremony. It informs others of our celebrations and helps mark a personal triumph. It symbolizes a passage, to the next level, or through life’s challenges. An outward expression, or an inner reminder of our strengths when we need it most… It is a talisman, a trophy. It is deeply personal and never trivial.”

All of Taryn’s work is handmade, one of a kind and original. For more information about current selection, commissions or custom work visit her website