Supported Raw Food & Juice Cleansing With Glow


As we think about getting our bodies into shape for the summer consider increasing your chances for success with a supported raw food and juice cleanse with Glow. No exercise unless you- no sweat. You just pick up your tools and you are on your way to gentle detox and the flushing out the last of the cold weather stores in your body. Much like the support of a yoga teacher, a supported cleanse gives you every thing you need without thinking about what to buy, what to make or what to eat at different points of the day. With the work taken out of the experience – you are able to just enjoy the cleanse and all the benefits that come with it.

Why cleanse?

Toxins accumulate in our daily lives from the environment and from the foods we eat. These toxins build up in our bodies and slow down the way our brain and bodies function, impeding our ability to be the best that we can be. Most of us accept these sluggish changes as part of the ageing process. The gentle detox ofan organic raw food and juice cleanse helps reset the body’s digestive system, helping with elimination and boosting the immune system.

Day 1: As recommended by Glow, I begin every morning with a cup of hot organic lemon water to alkalize my pH balance. I refer to my Glow Raw Food + Juice Cleanse schedule posted on the fridge and reach for my cup of raw granola and fresh almond nut mylk. Seedy, crunchy, tasty. Great start. 10AM – mid morning juice After Glow – a pre-lunchtime blend of leafy greens – organic spinach, kale, parsley, cucumber, celery and apple. Noon- I enjoy a beautiful garnet coloured raw borscht made with 250g of organic beet and zucchini topped with a cashew sour cream. 3PM On schedule for Skinny Glow a quenching organic blend of melon, apple, cucumber, spinach and celery. Each bottle contains 3-6 lbs of fresh organic fruit and vegetables by suppertime I am still feeling full. 6pm- Sit down for supper with the family and a beautiful fresh Pad Thai salad with organic zucchini noodles, julienne vegetables, cashews and special spicy raw almond butter sauce is all ready for me to enjoy. The rest of the family is curious and asks for a bite. The servings are big and healthy and there is more than enough to share.

Day 2: Yesterdays cleansing menu is evident with this morning’s elimination. I prepare school lunch while sipping on lemon water. After the morning chaos I sit down with a curious looking blackberry chia cup. It’s looks deceive me. It is absolutely delicious and has quickly become my new favourite treat. A superfood, chia seeds are one of the richest source of antioxidants and an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids that work to protect the heart. Very high in fiber, it promotes healthy bowels and as a breakfast item keeps you feeling full till midday. By 10AM juice time I am feeling cleaner, healthier and despite my busy work schedule quite energetic. I grab a Glow Boost – a refreshing vegetable blend of organic spinach, kale, cucumber, broccoli, mint and pomegranate. Glow Taco Salad is for supper with black beans, tomatoes, orange peppers and topped with a special raw food blend of taco “meat” – dehydrated mushrooms, walnuts, vegetables and spices drizzled with a bursting cilantro lime dressing. I attend my weekly yoga class, and am feeling more in tune on all levels – mind, body and spirit. Organic carrot, cucumber, orange, lemon and ginger juice blend closes Day 2 at 8PM on a high.

Day 3: Yesterday I picked up my next two days of freshly blended organic juices and raw food meals. Breakfast today Fuel Bar and delicious Vanilla Almond Mylk followed by an Ener-G Glow a dark green elixir of organic pears, spinach, cucumber, celery and chlorophyll for my mid morning juice cleanser. Throughout the cleanse I remember to sip on 8-10 glasses of lemon water. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. It keeps my hydration up day and night and supports this cleanse effectively. Today was a fabulous day and my energy levels were so high I skip lunch opting instead to continue the day with a fabulous savoury snack. Raw pesto dip with sesame onion crackers is enjoyed with a bottle of Citrus Glow – organic oranges, lemons, ginger and coconut water. Dinner is a gently warmed up organic Thai Carrot Soup made with lemongrass, carrots, ginger, turmeric and coconut served with sesame onion seed crackers with almond pulp which I enjoy with the family as they gobble down their baked mac and cheese. Body is loving the clean food and no cravings for anything else. Glow offers a perfectly balanced menu of sweets, fresh and savouries – all organic. As a lover of savouries my palette has enjoyed their delicious array of food. I wandered into the raw food eatery thinking that it would just be a selection of different salads. Modern raw is so much more than salad.

Day 4: Observations from the family were that I had a brighter disposition than normal. Personally I also experienced deeper sleeps, healthier and more regular elimination and no stress, despite a very busy work time. An overall lighter feeling in spirit and body. A good break for my digestive system to not have to work so hard breaking down my usual dairy, meat and cooked foods. Pre-lunch juice today is Sky Glow – pear, cucumber, kale, lemon, e3 live, and mint. Delicious and refreshing for the hot weather that has suddenly come. I have not felt this good in a long time. My sluggishness and unhealthy pallor virtually disappeared during the cleanse by intensely boosting myself full of fresh organic vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants in a natural and very powerful way. This was one cleanse that was just as easy said and done. The cleanse ends with an 8PM After Glow. A perfect end to the beginning of a healthier body just in time for the transformational powers of summer solstice.

Submitted by Sheila Badman