Spot Prawn and Asparagus Fritter


Recipe courtesy Chef Matt Horn, Cowichan Pasta

Head on Prawns      – 1 Pound
Chopped green onions –  ¼ Cup
Chopped garlic  –   1 Teaspoon
Salt and pepper    –    1 Teaspoon
Chilli flakes    –   ½  Teaspoon
Small diced red pepper    –   2 Ounces
Small diced red onion   –   2 Ounces
Chopped Asparagus    –    4 Ounces
Milk                      –              ¾ Cup
Baking powder     –        2 Teaspoons
Eggs                –                 3
Lemon juice           –        1 Tablespoon
Flour                   –             1¾Cup


1. Peel and pull heads off prawns. Cut tail meat into thirds.
2. In a medium size bowl combine flour, baking powder, asparagus, red onion, red pepper, chili flakes, salt, pepper, garlic and green onions. Mix well.
3. In a small bowl combine lemon juice, eggs and milk.  Mix well and combine with dry ingredients above. This should make a loose batter.
4. Form batter into golf sized balls.
5. Using a deep fryer or candy thermometer heat 2” of canola oil to 350F and fry balls till golden brown appproximately 2-3 minutes.