Reconnecting the Pelvis with Yoga Therapy: Group Yoga Therapy Class in Duncan

If you have back pain, pelvic pain or hip pain associated with child bearing or birth, this educational and experiential group class can help by providing simple, gentle and effective movements to decrease pain and improve stability of the pelvis and surrounding structures. It is common for the ligaments and  joints in the pelvis to be affected by pregnancy and birth and can cause short or long term back pain.Yoga therapy is a professional discipline offering the gentle, and safe application of yoga with the intent to help heal from specific injury or illness. Classes educational are pre-registration only.  Upon registration you will be asked to complete a confidential health history form used to tailor the class to best suit your needs.
March 9 to April 13 Thursday 10am
Matraea Centre, 170 Craig St. Duncan 6 classes $180
Lindsay Campa is a Registered Massage Therapist and Yoga Therapist