Kombucha – Tea Time with a Healthy Twist


Kombucha (Kom-boo-cha) also known as the tea of immortality, champagne of life, mushroom tea, tea kvass, and tea cider is a fermented tea that has been consumed in Asian cultures for centuries and is recognized to have many powerful health benefits.

Recently, popularity for this gut-friendly drink has seen a significant increase as more people learn about the health benefits of having a balanced ‘microflora’, an entire ecosystem of bacteria living and working in our digestive system.


Consuming fermented foods, like kombucha, every day is a great way to feed and replenish this microflora, in turn promoting good health. Maintaining a strong population of ‘good’ bacteria helps protects us against invasive pathogenic bacteria because it creates an environment that is undesirable to ‘bad’ bacteria. Lining the inside of our digestive systems these good bacteria assist our body in making vitamins, protecting us from pathogens, binding to toxins, boosting our metabolism, they alkalinize the body, create digestive enzymes, make nutrients more bioavailable and even create the preferred fuel that our gut cells use to function. Kombucha is available at most health food stores as a pre-made, ready to serve drink. However, many fans of this healthy elixir are discovering the benefits of making it at home.

Making kombucha is easy

Making your own kombucha is easy, once you get the hang of it. Initially it can be fairly intimidating, there are ‘mushroom-like’ cultures, warm teas, sugar – all put together in the perfect mix and incubated like a living lab experiment. If you don’t know what you are doing, it can be daunting (and perhaps a little gross if you don’t like the look of your culture!).

June is kombucha month

June is Kombucha month at Scoops Natural Foods, we have dedicated our workshops to those that want to learn more about making this ancient tea at home. Spend some time with Renee, our Registered Holistic Nutritionist, as she explains how fermented foods benefit your life and shows you the steps required to make kombucha at home. Renee will supply you with your own culture and starter tea, all the steps you need to make the original tea as well as how to ‘flavour and sparkle’ it up with a second ferment. This is a great opportunity to take control over your gut and overall health!

Kombucha Workshops June 6, 13,20,27 5:30 -7pm, Scoops Natural Foods, Whippletree Junction.

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