Journaling – Good for the Soul!


By Veronica Scott

Keeping a journal is uncomplicated, fun, and rewarding.  All you need is a pen or pencil and a journal (note book) to record whatever strikes your fancy. No-one has to read your journal because it is private – just for your eyes.

What to write (or draw)?  Anything and everything, there are no rules, explains Margot Page a long-time journal keeper and member of Imagine That!  Artisans’ Designs Cooperative in down town Duncan.  “Let your stream of consciousness flow, just write what comes into your mind,” she says.  It could be something you heard on the radio, a poem, a grocery list, a memory, a song, a squiggle – whatever.

“The art of writing and drawing in a journal starts with your first word and your first rough sketch.  No-one has to read what you write.  It can be your private thoughts or merely squiggles,” she notes.

Why keep a journal?  The psychological benefits are endless say the experts.   Journal writing can boost your self-esteem by recalling past achievements and milestones.  It helps quiet the mind, reduce anxiety and stress and improve memory.  Best of all, putting pen to paper helps to clarify your thoughts and to be more organized and focused.

Margot is well known for her beautiful journal books sold at Imagine That.   Each cover is enhanced with an original ‘painting’ made of enamelled steel or enamelled copper.  These popular images include a variety of colourful seabirds, flowers, and exotica.

If keeping a journal strikes your fancy, be sure to drop by Imagine That Duncan and pick one up.   Margot’s books will be on display in the store window for the month of March.   A gorgeous selection of handcrafted pens by Bud Wilke will also be on display.

“When the urge to write strikes, make yourself comfy in a quiet corner,” she says.  “Pick up that pen and get started.  We call it journaling.  I call it heaven.”

During the month of March, the large store window will feature colourful quilts by Katie Daniel and attractive lidded boxes by Robert Andrews.