Homeopathy: Discover it For Yourself


Homeopathy is a natural, sustainable, effective stimulus that evokes the human organism’s innate power to cure dis-ease. I have been studying Homeopathy since the moment the first remedy touched my tongue in 1997.

Why? It’s simple. The day after I took a remedy, my physical symptoms and anxieties decreased dramatically. I welcomed the relief. I had been living with this dis-ease for 15 years already and nothing had ever liberated my suffering like that. I had to know more. I wanted to continue to be cured and I wanted everyone to know healing was possible. It was then I joined the mission to reawaken the power of Homeopathy in the minds of people everywhere, especially in Canada and the US. Homeopathy has been supported by the British National Health Service since 1948 when it began.

Internationally Recognized

Homeopathy is practiced in 40 out 42 European countries, in India 100 million people depend solely on Homeopathy for medical care. Homeopathy has been used in Australia since the 1830s. Even the World Health Organization recognizes Homeopathy as a valid form of Health Care. So the question is why do people in Canada and the US generally think this is new age medicine based on the placebo effect?


Pharmaceuticals make money. They are synthetic chemicals, taken at frequent intervals, designed to control an outcome in the body and/or mind, causing side effects and loss of vitality over time. Consider this: we know that if a dam is built to control the flow of water it must come out somewhere, demanding more resources. We also know the dam must be maintained to continue forcing the water to redirect its natural flow. This also consumes energy and resources. Pharmaceuticals are like the dam and the resource used is human life force. I know they have a place in healthcare but it is not the only way. We need a more integrative approach.

Let’s include medicines designed to liberate physical symptoms, develop self- awareness and increase vitality in our health care. Does this not sound like the medical results you want? Improving your quality of life? This is the genius of Homeopathy.

Discover Homeopathy

Discover it for yourself. Attend the screening of Just One Drop and get informed. Come with questions and you will get answers. Afterwards, receive a free gift to experience Homeopathy. Once you try it, you will want to know more.

Just One Drop – a film on Homeopathy Caprice Cinema, Duncan Saturday, January 27th, 2018 10:30 am – 12 pm

Tickets http://bit.ly/2DAbMNh

https://www.facebook.com/ events/512676515760647

Jennifer Shelley, DSHM

Homeopathic Practitioner Medical Intuitive