Grilled Spot Prawn Skewers With A Wasabi Ginger Sauce


Courtesy Chef Bill Jones, Deerholme Farm

1 lb. (454g) spot prawns (about 12)

1 T. (15 mL)  ginger, minced

1 T. (15 mL) garlic, minced

1 t. (5 mL)  sesame oil

1 t. (5 mL) hot sauce

shredded ginger

1  lime, zest and juice

1 t (5 mL) wasabi paste

1 t (5 mL) honey

1 T. (30 mL) light soy sauce

1 green onion, minced

Peel prawns and place in a non-reactive (glass, non-stick or stainless steel) pan. Add the ginger, garlic, sesame oil and hot sauce toss until evenly coated. Leave to marinade for at least 15 minutes.

In a small bowl, combine the ginger, lime juice and zest, wasabi, honey, soy and green onion. Stir well to mix and set aside.

Soak 12 wooden skewers in cold water for at least 30 minutes. Skewer the prawn through the top of the body, down to the tail (keeping the prawn in a straight position). Place on a hot bbq and cook for about 1 minute per side. Remove to a serving platter and serve with the ginger wasabi sauce on the side or drizzle on top. Serve warm.