FreeRide- A Ski & Snowboard Program


Safe and Fun

FreeRide is a safe and fun 10-week program that promotes the development of all-mountain skiing and riding by combining elements of freestyle, race and general improvement strategies. Offered on consecutive Saturdays or Sundays your little rider is grouped with the same instructor each week to allow for skill progression and fun. FreeRide is an all-day program that begins at 10 am and ends at 3 pm-kids love it! There is a junior program for ages 5-6 years and a 7+ program for older kids.

Continuity, All- Mountain Style and Skills

We chose the FreeRide program for a few reasons. The continuity of instruction is appealing because each week they would build on the previous week’s skills and progress. The commitment that the program offers for an all-mountain style of riding is great- as opposed to race or freestyle disciplines. The all-mountain discipline offers more practical skills. Our boys were beginning to surpass our level of speed and skills. They were hungry to learn more tricks, more routes, more skills and go faster.

Instructors and Grown Up Time

In our experience their instructor was amazing. Catherine, from the UK, was a highly skilled skier who grew up skiing in Europe. Our boys loved her teaching style which was always encouraging and positive. After the first few sessions, the boys were showing us new runs on the mountain that I had never explored, even after over a decade of riding Mount Washington! Enrolling them in the program enabled us to have grown up time to ski on our own, have lunch or just have a coffee without having to worry about where our children were. And the best part… on their last ride of the day parents are welcome to join! Every weekend we pack a lunch for them to take to the program, but lunch options are also available for purchase with rentals and tickets. The program cost is $399 (lunch, rentals, and tickets are extra).

Written by Richard Badman

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