For Artist Catherine Fraser Creativity Still Happens in Isolation

Photograph courtesy of Barclay  Martin and Donovan Rose, Ou Gallery taken in my studio.
My latest work consists of reframing ideas and experiences which I call explorations. The explorations are depicted in drawings and paintings in watercolour, tempra, acrylics, oils, pencil and charcoal. Some paintings are watercolour while others are multi media subject matter.
Examples of the artworks explore themes of nature, the environment, past travels and inner worlds. For example a triptych called “ Echoes” was created as pieces about the environment.
Growing up on SaltSpring Island and Vancouver Island I would hear about the abundance of fish in the past. One of my favourite pass times was jigging for fish in a flat bottom boat or from the dock in the harbour and often wondered where and how about “ where have all the fish gone?” Last summer at the Metchosin International School, down by the water came to ponder with the reflection of boats and gazing into the sea. I then wondered, about the notion “ in the future of more plastic in the sea than fish….” so with those notions created the series. One of the series is in a show in San Francisco. Painting directly in nature is a favourite time.
The two images called Viewing prompted by a flight with landscape views from the sea plane and a two hour visit to the SAM gallery show celebrating the 100th anniversary of Andrew Wyeth’s work. I was fascinated to see original works as well as was being captivated watching visitors view the artwork. My imagination was piqued.
As a result of seeing Wyeth drawings it spurred me on to do more drawing.
A fellow artist and teacher Barrie Szekely at VISA talks about the subject matter, the why, what and how of art making stressing the how and process are important. This is forefront in my mind.
Recent Iona Pilgrimage images are about combining symbols of cloister (architectural), Crack (spirit) so revisited my drawings and photographs from the Iona Abbey and Cloister and the cracks in rocks on the North Beach and Columba Bay.
Two artists most recently enjoyed learning about has been Mark Tobey and his meditative,
calligraphic work and Hilda Af Klint whose work is new to me.
The creative, explorative process occupies my attention. May you be in touch with your creative spirit.