Edible Hanging Basket


Here’s a way you can may your own Edible Hanging Basket for mom this Mother’s Day. An edible hanging basket is a great way to grow food and it looks pretty too!

Here’s what you need:

· hanging basket · potting soil

· plants or seeds · water

· organic granular fertilizer or composted manure

or compost


· Mix soil with fertilizer, compost or manure.

· Fill hanging basket with soil mixture leaving 1 inch at the top for watering purposes.

· Add plants or seeds and water.

What Plants Work Well:

· Lettuces · Arugula · Mesclun mixes · Tomato

· Strawberries (2 plants) · Pansy, Viola · Peas

Things to Consider:

• Less is More! Plants need space to grow properly. 1 or 2 lettuces with a pansy would work well. ( Pansy flowers are edible too)

• If using seeds, broadcast evenly over soil and cover. Keep moist during germination ( less seed will produce a healthier basket)

• Food likes sunshine. Hang in a sunny location.

·Containers usually need a liquid feed come mid-summer because the nutrients have been exhausted. Use fish fertilizer or compost tea once a week.

• Water regularly. In summer heat that means every day.

• When planting strawberries, purchase an ever-bearing variety for fruit all summer long

· Garden soil is often too heavy for containers that is why potting soil is used.

·Choose a Cherry-like tomato variety, like Tumbler.


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