Cycling Ticks All the Boxes


This is it folks… the weather is finally changing. Winter is over. Spring and summer cycling is upon us. The Cowichan is exploding with many more folk who are discovering the benefits of riding a bike.

Pete Stevenson, a well known local cyclist says, “Cycling is a sport that is unique compared to running because you just keep burning calories while you ride and you can ride for hours if you want… and after all, who wants to run for hours?”

Pete’s right! Cycling is unique and the benefits are enormous. First, cycling is a social activity (though great to do on your own as well). You can get out with a friend or a group of friends and get your fresh air, catch up, solve the worlds problems all while burning zero gas and loads of carbs. Then you can share a well-earned snack at a local Coffee Shop at the end of your ride. I was told when interviewing a competitor at a race in Quebec a few years back that in the business world, cycling is the new golf!

Riding a bike is also great for weight loss; re-habilitating injuries; getting your low-impact exercise. A recent study found that people with knee pain and osteoarthritis can improve their condition when cycling. Cycling builds muscle; provides you with an aerobic workout that is great for your heart, your brain (yup it can make you smarter!), and your circulatory system.

A recent study in Medicine & Science?in Sports & Exercise spent five years looking at the activity of 1,500 subjects. Those riding regularly were 31% less likely?to develop high blood pressure. Pedaling a bike can even build bone.? Pete also casually mentioned that cyclists make better lovers and? I recently read that the British Heart Foundation found that cyclist are perceived as 13% more intelligent and cooler than non-cyclists.

Sandra Beggs, Owner, Cycle Therapy located Downtown Duncan


Bike To Work Week

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