Cowichan Valley Hive Share


Our Hive Shares are for Cowichan Valley residents who want to learn about and experience the local beekeeping season. In 2017, we will be offering a Basic or an Educational share. Each hive share comes with an onsite installation of a hive on your property and monthly hive boxes of fresh honey and hive products.

Part of the challenge to new beekeepers is learning about the specifics of the beekeeping season here in the Cowichan Valley.  Our Educational Hive Share takes you through the entire beekeeping season (April-October) and includes a hive relocated to your property, 2 tutorial visits per month, and monthly hive boxes of seasonal honeys and hive products. This is a great option for the new beekeeper who wants to experience the beekeeping season on their property before investing in a hive of their own.

You don’t need to be a beekeeper to have a love for bees and honey! Our Basic Hive Share (May-September) entails the installation of a hive on your property and monthly hive maintenance by an experienced beekeeper. You will also receive pollination for your fruit bearing plants, the enjoyment of seeing the ‘bee highway’, and monthly hives boxes with seasonal honeys and hive products.

Our beekeeping values are simple. We support local bee breeders, and queen raisers who produce the best honeybees for our area.  We treat our bees organically for pests and disease. And most importantly, we believe that creating a network of both experienced and new beekeepers is vital to the health of our local honeybees.


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Chelsea Abbott is the beekeeper of Lenora Bee Apiary.