Cowichan Grocery

Birds Eye Cove Farm
The farm naturally raises beef, pork, chicken, eggs and an assortment of other ‘fresh from the field’ produce. In our health inspected kitchen, we create takeaway me
als such as; meat pies, Shepards’ pies, and an assortment of pasta dishes and other treats. Our list changes seasonally, but is always a result of locally grown produce.The newest addition to the farm, our 3600 sq ft traditional timber frame barn, is where we offer private and community events. As we are farmers first, on a full working farm, we place great value on what we eat, whenever possible encouraging all events to engage in farm to table.
Community Farm Store
A local business committed to organic foods, holistic and natural health, and sustainable living.
Here at the CFS we advocate and provide whole foods and super foods that are real; alive —  as fresh picked as possible. Grown in fields, not factories. Grown by farmers, not pharma. Foods that heal, not foods that harm.  Think about it. Processed, irradiated, genetically modified foods are dead — and deadly. They fog your brains, compromise your immune system, dull your senses , heighten anguish and stifle your enthusiasm for life. Socially and environmentally, we are in challenging times and we feel the onus is on us as the providers of the food that will be consumed by our community — to be ethical and discerning.
Cowichan Bay Seafood
Better Fishing Company is a hands-on, family based operation we started while living in the Queen Charlotte Islands 35 years ago. Back then, we fished halibut, salmon and crab on our troller/longliner the Hopefull. Now, we specialize in live dungeness crab and spot prawn fisheries, and in selling these sustainable local seafoods to local markets. Cowichan Bay Seafood is our retail outlet in Cowichan Bay and we also operate a fresh seafood shop and cafe specializing in gluten free fish and chips in the Victoria Public Market in Victoria
Cowichan Green Community
Cowichan Green Community Society, (CGC) is a non-profit organization that has been focusing on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Region. For the last six years CGC’s mandate has revolved mainly around improving food security by developing strong relationships with local food producers and increasing urban and rural food production.
Cowichan Pasta
The Cowichan Pasta Company was born from a simple idea; Great Pasta made from 100% British Columbia ingredients. We are blessed to live in this region and experience all that the land and sea have given us. We offer our best to you.
Dad’s Westcoast Awesome Sauces
… they’re not East Indian. Not Thai. Not Mexican. Just awesome! It all started when Liz Newton, created THE PERFECT HOT SAUCE for my husband Jon.  Jon was always looking for the right combination of heat and flavour and our fridge was always full of different bottles of hot stuff as Jon tried this and that. Now Dad’s Westcoast Wildfire Awesome Sauce reigns supreme. It was so good we decided to start bottling and selling it!
The Happy Goat Cheese Company
We hand craft each of our cheeses in small batches using only fresh, raw milk from our own herd of dairy goats. Every step of the cheese making process is completed by hand. Aged, hard cheeses with a natural rind are our specialty.
Merridale Estate Cidery
The Cowichan Valley mirrors the optimum growing and climate conditions of the renowned cider regions in the UK and Europe. Merridale’s location was chosen, after years of research, as the perfect combination of climate, aspect and soil conditions (our terroire) to grow world-class fruit. As with fine wines, you need world-class fruit to make a world-class beverage! We have two rows of Jonagold apples, the only dessert apples in the orchard. The rest are cider-specific varieties like Tremlett’s Bitter, Michelin, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Chisel Jersey,
Shawnigan House Coffee and Chocolate
A community driven coffee and chocolate shop. Shawnigan House uses locally roasted fair trade coffee beans, Cowichan Valley Teafarm Teas and in house made chocolate treats resulting from years of painstakingly enjoying delicious chocolates for your greater good.
True Grain Bread
True Grain Bread is an Old World inspired European bakery that specializes in fresh, local, organic, handcrafted bread.  Since opening the doors in Cowichan Bay in 2004, True Grain Bread has become internationally recognized for delivering an unparalleled bread experience.  True Grain Bread is a beacon for unbelievable breads, true scratch baking, organics, sustainable business practices, farm to table partnerships and community engagement
Curators of organic loose tea, designers of artful tea blends, and growers of Camellia sinensis. Visit our teashop gallery for an eclectic experience of tea + clay + nature.
Vancouver Island Salt Company
Vancouver Island Salt Co. (VISC) takes pride in offering handcrafted artisan salts, harvested with care from the cold, clear waters of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Helmed by former chef and founder Andrew Shepherd, VISC salts are lovingly created products that are a happy harmony of mother nature and the tides, patient harvesting work and artisanal craftsmanship. Our unrefined salt products include the first Canadian fleur de sel, pure sea salt, smoked sea salt and seasonal sea salt flavor infusions, available through your local food purveyors and quality grocers.