Child Development Specialist Diana Sharpe To The Rescue


Occupational Therapist Diana Sharpe began her career as a kinesiologist. “I was drawn to be part of holistic health care where I could look at the whole person including their physical body as well as their ways of thinking, feeling, being and becoming.” shares Diana. She felt motivated to pursue a deeper study as she began to observe all the pieces of a child’s development, making sense in a bigger picture way, rather than zooming in close where one might miss the forest for the trees. “ I became intrigued at how big body and finer hand movement are connected to how we pay attention to our world and use sensory information from our hands, eyes, ears, mouths, and muscles.”

Now 10 years later, she has worked in the field, following each individual child for several years, with over 50 families and their children with autism and related disorders through a child development centre in the Okanagan.

Are your children frustrated or not well regulated? Diana’s applied work and experience enables her to help determine specific strategies that caregivers and educators can use to support the child through their day. She has also completed intensive training with the Neufeld Institute to be able to better understand and help her clients. “From my training with Gordon Neufeld I begin by forming a relationship with the child, coming alongside them wherever they are, and putting the child and caregiver at ease.” smiles Diana “There are 5 main “F”s that have been my specialty: Fun, Function, Fitness, Food, and Frustration. I respect that caregiving is the most important job in the world and thus I follow the parents’ priorities and aim to improve the child’s connection to them, grandparents, educators, and other adults in their lives.

My mantra is “Anything that is, can be talked about and understood” and thus by working with me, adults become better positioned to support the child to mature to their full potential in the years to come.” In her practice Diana offers 1:1 play based sessions (1 hour each) from birth to 18 yrs in a clinic in Cowichan Station as well as 1:1 or small group work or consultation for organizations and independent schools, homeschooling families. “In my clinic I can discuss and work with parents while at the same time having their child play, explore and move about in my bright, colourful, open and inviting therapy gym complete with climbing wall, ball pit and trapeze and more. Services include developmental evaluations of motor skills and sensory processing abilities as compared to same age peers. For more information please contact Diana at 250 710 4624


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