Carpal Tunnel Syndrome self-care prevention and recovery.


by Yaz Yamaguchi
Are you someone who uses your hands repetitively, and strenuously? If you have a tingling sensation in the hands while driving, increased stiffness in the hands and wrists when gripping, you may be developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

This condition results from pressure on the nerve between the bones and ligaments of the wrist. It is common among typists, gardeners, construction workers, musicians, and of course massage therapists. The best way to address the issue is prevention.

There are a number of self-care tips one needs to know, and to do, for both prevention and recovery:

1. Taking a break from the activities that cause the problem is the single most effective treatment for healing. If your circumstance does not allow a complete break, slow down the pace, and adjust the way you do things, e.g. using more of your alternate hand, etc.

2. Find a comfortable enough wrist brace, and wear it while in bed. If the wrist is kept straight, blood flows uninterrupted, optimizing repair. I personally wouldn’t wear it during the day, as there may be an adverse effect.

3. Use a natural, external ointment, or herb. There are some potent natural products available. The most brilliant one I’ve found for my personal use is nettle stinging. It’s also complementary, sponsored by nature. One should also research vitamins and supplements for pain control, and neurological rejuvenation.

4. Stretching, shaking and self-massage need to be practiced throughout the day. For example, loosening of the pectoralis minor alone can often bring a relief. Remember, it’s only a few minutes of unwinding against the all day long of pounding.

Hot and cold water therapy is also effective. Soak your hand and forearm in hot water for three minutes, then plunge into cold water for thirty seconds. Repeat the cycle three times.

5. I also believe firmly that imbalanced muscular development between the flexors and extensors needs to be improved for long term healing and true prevention.

6.Find a professional therapy that works for you.

These are the tips for an aching wrist. Yes, you can undo a lot of damages if it is treated from all angles possible.

Yaz Yamaguchi practices shiatsu and craniosacral therapy in Duncan.


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