David Yaeger, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

Cards with hearts, flowers, chocolates, special dates — these things and more we associate with Valentine’s Day.

Those in love, and with loving partners and families, celebrate their love for each other in many ways. But there are those among us who do not celebrate on February 14th. For them, it is a reminder of having loved once, and now no more; of partners lost and mourned; of love never found at all. In short, we can say that these people are the broken-hearted.

What is the heart and can it be broken? The heart is a central organ in our bodies; but it also the seat of our soul, the place where our whole life experience comes together. It carries the rhythm of our life.

When we open to love, it is in our heart where we first feel it. In the absence of love, it is our heart that is most affected. It is where we feel most despondent and sad.

Can our hearts break? I believe they can. We find words about this all the time in poetry and song. Without love, we can even die of a broken heart.

Can a broken heart be mended? Yes it can.

Dr. Bradley Nelson tells us in The Emotion Code book that our subconscious mind creates a wall to protect our heart from breaking when life circumstances and events are too much to bear. This wall is made up of trapped emotions that we have gathered along our life’s journey. The work of The Emotion Code is to discover these trapped emotions and to release them. When we do so, our heart’s light and love energy can blossom and shine forth.

Are you broken-hearted? Be enheartened and know that relief from emotional pain is possible. Consider having your trapped emotions released and your heart-wall removed as your Valentine’s gift to yourself.


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