Big Brothers Big Sisters


I am part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, a not-for-profit, Mentoring Program. This is my fourth year of involvement as a volunteer in the Senior For Kids Mentoring Program. The program starts with a rigorous background check, an in depth orientation meeting, then the school counsellor, agency staff, teachers, and principal decide which child best fits with the each Senior Mentor. In 2010, a good friend brought to my attention this program and suggested that I look into it. As a recently retired teacher (for 35 years in School District 79), I had more time to dedicate to volunteering in the community and decided that this program was a good match for me. Four years later I couldn’t be happier that I decided to join Big Brothers Big Sisters.

My first Little Buddy was a Grade Two student at Alexander School and we met once a week for an hour during the school day. He was energetic and curious about everything from airplanes to board games.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization supplies a great array of games and activities for the Mentors to use with their little buddies, so we shared lots of time flying balsa wood airplanes, drawing, doing seasonal arts and crafts and playing board games. In June of that school year my little buddy moved to Ontario so I was asked to mentor another child, which I agreed to with no hesitation.

Big Brothers Big Sisters organization arranges a space for Big Buddy and Little Buddy to meet, introduces you to staff members and is always readily available by phone or e-mail should you have any questions. I highly recommend this worthwhile adventure for anyone who has a love and appreciation for children and an hour once a week to get involved in this organization. It is so fulfilling to think that you can help make a difference in a child’s life.

Since this time Sue has continued on with her experience as a mentor and has mentored two additional children within the program. Big Brothers Big Sisters offers a variety of programs that fit into any schedule. In School Mentoring, Seniors for kids, Teen Mentoring, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Couples for Kids, and Big Family. Contact the office and learn more about mentoring. 250-748-2447 or visit the website at


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