Arts Showcase, a virtual space where artists can converge

It takes courage and a little chutzpah to step in front of a camera and reveal an aspect of our inner selves. But with a little help from the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society writers, painters, poets, dancers, sculptors, musicians… artists in all modes, and at every point in their creative journey, will be invited to do just that.Once a month, the CVCAS will select from its communities a person to be profiled. “The idea is not to always feature established artists, but to focus on the artistic endeavour and spirit in every phase,” said organizer Craig Spence. “What we’re trying to showcase isn’t only the art, it’s as much about the art of becoming an artist, the passion, excitement, self-transformation at the core of the creative process.”

Selected artists will be interviewed and videoed, along with representative samplings of their work. Visual artists’ paintings and sculptures will be photographed, for example; poets and creative writers will do readings; dramatists and dancers will perform excerpts from plays and routines. The material will be used to produce short videos and full-length articles, which will be posted on the CVCAS website and to social media.

Everyone benefits: artists gain some profile and, for the uninitiated, the experience of being interviewed by a seasoned multi-media journalist; the community gets to see the kind of talent that calls the Chemainus Valley home, and perhaps be inspired by the stories of the creative types in their midst; the Cultural Arts Society gets to reach out to artists and art lovers.
“A good interview gets the subject thinking,” Spence said. “The best interviews are memorable for those ‘Aha!’ moments, when the person you’re talking to discovers a hidden aspect of his own personality or outlook because of the questions you ask. That’s the kind of experiences we’ll be shooting for.”

The ultimate vision is artists from different disciplines working together on collaborative, mini-productions, Spence said. “I’m thinking of calling the activity ‘Art Showcase’ – a place where artistic spirits come together to engage in creative, multi-disciplinary experiments.”

If you’d like to get in on the act, go to and fill in the online submission form. Non-members can put their names into the cue, but will have to join the Cultural Arts Society, if they want to accept an invitation to be featured.