Local advertising is an effective an efficient way to keep your  business in the minds of customers and let new potential clients know you are in business.

Advertisers choose the Valley Voice because they are monthly readers themselves. They know that we are the best read resource for keeping up to date with the Cowichan Valley Lifestyle.

Please contact Adrienne Richards for advertising inquiries.

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Does your business view advertising as an expense or an investment?

Businesses that advertise during a soft economy tend to stress quality and value, as well as new ideas. This is primarily driven by the fact that commercials and advertising in general need to reflect the current consumer mentality, regardless of the status of current means. Advertising during a recession provides a unique window of investment opportunity for small businesses:1) Solidify your customer base;

2) Gain new customers; and

3) Make inroads on your competitors who have cut their advertising during the recession period. This window of opportunity is created by the understanding that advertising is an investment, not an expense.

* Information Excerpted from NW Ayer Inc.’s report: Advertising During a Recession: Key Issues Victoria Horstmann


Payment: Advertisers will be billed monthly for each ad placement in a 12 issue term.

Post dated cheques, Email Money Transfer, Paypal and monthly pre authorized credit card payments are acceptable for payment.

Cancellation Policy: The Advertiser may terminate their advertising agreement upon 30 days written notice to Cowichan Valley Voice Magazine.

If less than 12 months of advertising space has been used, full amount owing, at 1x ad rate for all ad space used, will be due upon cancellation.