A Dozen Easter Eggs for Sharp-Eyed Readers

A Dozen Easter Eggs for Sharp-Eyed Readers
Cheryl Painter Yonge is head chocolatier and co-owner of Chocolate Pearl
Happy Spring and Easter everyone! As we all know, Easter eggs are typically scattered in hard to find places on Easter Morning. But apart from the chocolate variety, “Easter eggs” have taken on a new meaning of late. No longer are they just delectable, oval-shaped chocolate confections. If you’re up on popular culture, you’d know that an “Easter egg” is also a term for an in-joke, artfully concealed in a movie, website and sometimes, a written story.
What follows is just that – a silly tale that contains a dozen Easter eggs that directly relate to Chocolate Pearl, craftily concealed within the letters that make up the story. How so? In the first line of the story, you’ll read a rather odd combination of words: “In the car a melodic tune played”. Hidden and connected within these words is the first on the list: “caramel”. (In the  [car a mel]odic tune played). This is just one of another 11 words that relate to Chocolate Pearl hidden in the various words that make up the story. In alphabetical order, these are the words you need to find:
Bark, Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee, Ganache, Gelato, Latte, Malt ball, Marzipan, Meltie, Mocha, Truffle
In the car a melodic tune played as Dan and Deb drove down Koksilah Road on that warm Spring day. The two began a chemistry that made them want to travel the backroads of Cowichan every weekend. The park known as “Bright Angel”, at one point was passed as they turned the corner. As they drove by Cowichan Station Elementary School (now The HUB), Deb said to Dan, “Isn’t that where you went to school?” “Yes”, said Dan. “I also played baseball there, where I had a normal t-ball swing.” Deb knew nothing of that sport, because she went to school in England where grammar, zip and conformity were key.
Once they crossed the highway and headed east along the flat terrain that comprises the farmland, they spotted an eagle that swooped down and seemed to scoff eerily at them. Dan didn’t know what to make of it, so Deb said, “Don’t get ruffled. It’s just an eagle protecting its territory”.
“Let me ask you something”, said Dan. “Did you know a camel ties up most of its time concerned with thirst?” Before Deb could answer this rather perplexing question, a long black car abruptly pulled up behind them. Impatiently following for a while, the limo changed lanes and passed. Obviously, the party was in a rush to get to Cowichan Bay.
“Well, maybe they’re in need of a cool refreshment too”, said Dan. Deb agreed, “That sentiment I echo. Cola, tea or ice cream would be fabulous right about now!” “How about Udder Guys?”, suggested Dan.
And so Dan and Deb had a lovely afternoon, eventually stopping at True Grain Bread. At one point they both looked up at the iconic bicycle hanging from its storefront and below the bike’s handlebar, kissed.