The Dirty Dandelion – A Cancer Story


Many years ago I wrote an article on the herb Dandelion. I gave all the facts from the literature and referenced each piece of knowledge. Good information but actually nothing that was really new. It was what came from that article that is really exciting.

Some weeks later the editor forwarded a letter from a Mr. George Cairns of Illinois. It is his story of how Dandelion saved him from prostate and colon cancer and what he did with that knowledge that I share with you. It is not an ordinary story about taking a herb and getting a miracle. It is a story of a new understanding of a plant, its environment and a man of extraordinary generosity.

Not a day goes by without our hearing about another cancer story. It is both a scourge and a symptom of our times. George Cairns is one man who looked to nature and trusted his inspiration to find healing.

Three years before we first corresponded George was “done in” with cancer. One morning, he wrote, he was waking up and hoping the end would come soon. At that moment he heard the voice of inspiration telling him to take the root of the Dandelion and how to prepare it. He knew this would not be an instant cure but he had the strength of spirit to know true inspiration when he heard it.

He was to dig up Dandelion roots, dry them at no more than 40C and powder them without using an electric grinder; he used an iron frying pan and a hammer. Above all he was not to wash the roots. George started that morning. Within a week he was taking the powder. After three weeks the pain in his back and side had gone and his bowels were better. Five and a half months later the hospital could find no trace of cancer in him.

George wanted to share what had been given him. He told friends and friends told friends. George wrote his story and paid for it to be published in newspapers. He wanted nothing in return. He had been given his reward; his life. The word has spread and hundreds of people have written to George with their story about the Dandelion and their cancer. He said in his last letter to me that about 50% of people who use Dandelion as he suggested got better. Most had tried everything else first including whatever chemotherapy and radiation was lined up.

What I find remarkable about George’s story is not washing the root before use. This is new to me. The immediate surrounding of a plant root is known as the rhizosphere. One analogy might refer to our understanding of the living colonies within our digestive system that contribute so much to our health and wellbeing. The rhizosphere appears to have a similar and equally complex relationship with the plant only on the outside of the root.  Preserving a small amount of this layer with the Dandelion root may significantly enhance its medicinal action.

Whatever we may learn about George Cairn’s discovery in the future he has helped thousands of people from the generosity of his heart. Combined with a personal nutrition plan and other health support the Dirty Dandelion is an important aid to recovery from cancer.

George Cairns died at the age of 94 surrounded by his loving family. Thank you George.

Rowan Hamilton is a Medical Herbalist and teacher.
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