Island Drone Service

Welcome to the Valley’s newest small business, Island Drone Services!
Proprietor Andrew Jeffrey is certified by Transport Canada for Advanced RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) operations and is looking forward to working on all sizes of local projects.
Andrew has been a geologist for almost two decades and his interest in drones derived from there.  “I was working around them more and more, until I just started flying them on surveys myself.”
He explains that Island Drone provides a wealth of related services extending well beyond just aerial photography and video such as 2D & 3D mapping, 360° web panoramas, 3D visualization, technical animation and virtual reality applications.
What’s his favourite use of RPAs? “Well, with this drone I can ‘scan’ the outside of a house and then use the result to show people exactly where a new pool would work well, or to see how some nursery trees would change the view and the lighting at different times of day.  I really enjoy combining my drone-scanned real-world models with 3D animation like that, it’s definitely the new standard for planning out projects.”
And any tips for aspiring drone pilots? “Start with an inexpensive ‘trainer’ quadcopter and be prepared to lose it in a tree or to watch it fly away.  I lost three before I really started to get the hang of flying… stick with it!”
To discuss your project and to arrange a flight call Andrew Jeffrey at Island Drone Services at 778-584-5753.  Visit online at